Three Bedroom Apartments

Three Bedroom Apartments in Burien

Our three bedroom apartment in Burien allows for a wide number of options and a broad range of functionality. A single professional may incorporate a home office into his or her apartment, while still leaving space for a guest room. A young couple can set up the perfect bedroom for their child while maintaining space for a study, for guests or even for another addition to their family. Carefully considering how the three bedrooms will be used — and may be used in the future — will ensure that your apartment selection will serve you well for years to come. Alturas at Burien Apartments not only has the best location, but boasts the most innovative design offered in Burien.

Three Bedroom Apartment with One Bathroom

858 Square Feet


Apartment Style Square Footage Rental Rate
One Bedroom One Bath 610 Square Feet $1,250 - $1,350 per month
One Bedroom One Bath 675 Square Feet $1,295 - $1,395 per month
Two Bedroom One Bath 721 Square Feet $1,385-$1,485 per month
Two Bedroom One Bath 758 Square Feet $1,435 - $1,535 per month
Two Bedroom One Bath 792 Square Feet $1,470 - $1,570 per month
Three Bedroom One Bath 858 Square Feet $1,800 - $1,900 per month

*Floor plans and terms are subject to change. Square footage is approximate. All renderings, maps, landscaping, elevations and plans are artist conceptions and are not to scale. The developer/builder reserves the right in its sole discretion to make modifications to maps, plans, renderings, specifications, materials, features or colors without notice. Plans, prices, descriptions and amenities are subject to change without notice.